Water analysis

This service permits to make a deep control of acqueduct waters, well waters, private sources waters, under both chemica-phisical aspect and microbiological aspect.

Water is the principal component of human body, and also a fundamental element for our nutrition and for life in general; it is not by chance that life started in water.

Often we take it for granted, nor we don’t think about the possibility that pollution (caused by industrialisation) could contaminate pre-existent aquifers. Considering all these aspects, and remembering how necessary water is, it is very important to make periodic examinations, for controlling its purity and safeguard our health.bicchiere-acquaP

The parameters that must be analized are listed in Legislative Decree n. 31/2001, which deals with the quality of waters for human use. There parameters are fundamental for defining if a water sample is potable or not.

Many analysis package are proposed, for responding to every client’s request. Differences between packages are dictated also by the final purpose of the water which must be analized (water used only for irrigation,  water for human consumption that is analyzed for the first time, routine analysis..).

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Servizio di analisi acque

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