Analysis of wine, beer and distillates

 Coccitech srl makes chemical-physical analysis of must, wine, beer and distillates:

    • Sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose);
    • Organic acids (tartaric acid, malic acid, L-D lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, D-gluconic acid, pyruvic acid, succinic acid);
    • Others organic compounds (ethanol, methanol, polyphenols, acetaldehyde, glutathione, proteins, several colloids);
    • Metals and others elements (copper, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine and others);
    • Determination of wine stability (tartaric, protein, microbiological);
    • Organoleptic analysis.

Trough special enzymatic analyzers, with high precision of the analysis and certainty of the results, with daily delivering of the results.

The principal purpose is to satisfy every client’s request, so many analysis package are offered, and each package depends on the kind of sample and the parameters that need to be observed.

vino pFor grape musts, fermentation musts and wines every analysis follows official O.I.V methods. O.I.V is the Internationa Organisation of Vine and Wine.

For further informations please download the brochure:

Brochure “Dall’impianto del vigneto al vino”

Coccitech srl was born as an oenological lab, but now is able to work also on beer, that has been recently introduced.  It is possible to analize also beer musts and finished products.birra.1024x768

For further informations on beer analysis download the following brochure:

Brochure Birra

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