Coccitech is proud to present BIOPRESIDIUM®, a new and innovative organic fertilizer ideal for leaf treatments that makes a triple action:

  • Nourish the plants
  • Increases plant’s defenses
  • Acts against Phytophatogen fungi and specially “Botrytis cinerea”.

BIOPRESIDIUM®  is 100 % Natural and 100% Biodegradable; it can resist to Botrytis cinerea without using any other kind of pesticides, allowing us to get better and heathier fruits with a lower  enviromental impact.

Every farmer well knows  how problematic could be the phytophatogen fungi presence, because they attacks plants and fruits giving very big loss in production. Usually these molds are contrasted using synthetic anti – fungal, but there is an always bigger sensibilization against pesticides’s toxycity. This idea is sustainer also by European Committee, which proposed a new European Directive (Sustainability directive 2009/128/EC), that substains the use of natural molecules instead of synthetic ones.

Biopresidium is the perfect answer to all of these request, because it is obtained from 100% natural vegetal extracts and it is very effective in contrasting fungal attacks.

Biopresidium has been variously tested, and in all of them he has shown fantastic results, demonstrating the great abitility of stopping mold’s growth even if the sample was in negative conditions.

For further informations download the depliant:

Depliant Biopresidum