• Ribesnest

    Via San Fermo 3 – 35100 Padova

    The regional innovative network, rir ribes-nest, recognized by the veneto regional council through the provision of the regional council nr. 1697 of 2016 created to facilitate growth and development

  • Renaissance Yeast

    2389 Health Science Mall
    Vancouver, BC

    Leader Company in beer and oenological yeasts production.

  • Lucchetta Marcello Soc. Agr.

    Via Calpena, 38 – 31015 Conegliano (TV) – Italy

    Winery of antique traditions.

  • G&P Garbellotto S.p.A.

    Viale Italia, 200 – 31015 Conegliano (TV) – Italy

    Leader on production of wood barrels and vats for aging wine, distillates and vinegar,  established in 1775.