Leaf Analysis

This analysis permits, especially during vegetative period,  to know the real nutritional condition of the plant under quantitative and qualitative aspects.

Quantitative aspects means the quantity (%) of elements that a plant has assimilated; qualitative aspects instead is joined to the equilibrium that is get when there is the perfect relashionship between all the elements.

This is particularly usefull because allows to keep under control plant’s heath state; in this way it is possible to intervene feeding an eventual lack or decreasing a possible excess. At the end tha plant will be heathier and stronger than before, with positive consequence on its productivity.

Two different analysis package are proposed, based on the level at which is necessary to search information about plant’s conditions. The second analysis package, that is the most complete, is suggested for all the situations in which an excess or a lack is suspected.

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Brochure Diagnostica fogliare

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