The Company

The Coccitech®, is a dynamic company who is focused on the development of innovative technologies and biotechnologies for Enology and agriculture, thanks to an important know how achieved with scientific experiences and technical international experience.

The main objective is the production of natural products, green applications, which combine the effect of traditional products with the environmental benefits and healthy of products that are completely natural base.

Developed for use in the field and in the production of food products, are specially formulated with an imperative fundamental: human health and the safeguard of our environment.

Coccitech® is specialized in the world of wine and wine-making with a 360 degrees view regarding the entire production process with research and development of new processes andtechnologies for more natural foods, thanks to the collaborations with research institutions in an outside Europe and major private companies.

Latest News

Sustainable Development Award

Friday 11 November 2016

targa riconoscimento coccitech ridottabanner-vincitori_Premio Sviluppo sostenibile 2016Coccitech is proud of letting you know that we have received an important award for Susteinable Development for 2016 year. The Italian Enviroment Minister wanted to honor our dedication  and our researches on Green Technologies, especially related to our studies, our publications on grapevine deseases and to our new line of green products that will be soon introduced.


Monday 7 March 2016

Coccitech loves enviroment and believes in the importance of its safeguard: that’s why we use only energy from renewable sources.


Monday 23 November 2015

Coccitech is proud to present BIOPRESIDIUM®, a new and innovative organic fertilizer ideal for leaf treatments that makes a triple action:

  • Nourish the plants
  • Increases plant’s defenses
  • Acts against Phytophatogen fungi and specially “Botrytis cinerea”.

BIOPRESIDIUM®  is 100 % Natural and 100% Biodegradable; it can resist to Botrytis cinerea without using any other kind of pesticides, allowing us to get better and heathier fruits with a lower  enviromental impact. (more…)