Microvinification service

Microvinifications by using samples of the customer, this service allows to ferment the same mass of  juice or wine in different ways and with different yeasts and with different requirements of the customer. The target is to experiment and to compare different vinification variables as yeasts, nutrients and others substances.

This service is usually offered only by the biggest Research Center, because of the difficulty of working with small volumes. Coccitech beleaves in this service’s useless, and is proud to offer it to its clients.


Every operation follows rigid protocols that allow us to get products with characteristics that are the most similar to the those of the products get by traditional fermentazion.

A great vantage for who wants to change his method of production or some suppliers and wants to know in advance the chemical-physical and organoleptic results; service available during all year and open to many types of products.

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Brochure “Servizio di Microvinificazioni”

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