ABOUT Powering your green future

We work to create a dialogue between science and nature, researching and applying innovative products and methods, trying to envision a wine production chain able to generate eco-sustainable quality.

We create a dialogue between science and nature


Coccitech was founded in 2013 to work alongside wineries and other agri-food companies with the goal to maximize the quality of their products, taking care of every phase of the productive process with professionalism.

Our main focuses are: the constant care of our customers, the passionate research, the curiosity towards the novelties and the technical-professional updating, that allow us to think outside the box and to not be restrained by the “it has always been done like this”.


We revolutionize the winemaking throughout a new working philosophy, aimed at greater awareness of the processes and at the use, in optimal synergy, both of traditional and last generation products, to valorize the quality, typicity and sustainability of productions.

We believe that the best way to do business is along with the Farm to Fork strategy of EU and with the Sustainable Development Goals of ONU. With this idea, we work with commitment every day to make these goals reality.



Coccitech is founded

In the heart of Prosecco territory, with the aim of bringing innovation to the winemaking environment


Biopresidium is developed

Fertilizer made with plant and yeast extracts, afterwards become a complete line of products useful for every needs


The oenological portfolio is completed

Through new different international productive partnerships, we can provide everything a winery can ever need throughout the winemaking process


Cultus is developed

Cultus is a line of products developed to strengthen and protect crops from pathogenic attacks


In a dynamic and enterprising environment, through a qualified and directly applicable R&D, we study nature and its processes; this has the aim to use cutting-edge knowledge and technology to support the viticulture and oenology.


The attentive listening of our customers and their needs, united with our multidisciplinary knowledge and our experiences in the different realities of the area, permit us to counsel the companies with the aim of maximize the quality of their products and to bring the most modern innovations to even the smallest companies.


After several years of experience in research and consultancy, we decided to propose, to our customers, a high-quality products portfolio. These products are appropriately selected to meet the various needs of the wine sector. Our company is certified according to ISO 9001, 22000 and organic certification, to guarantee our customers an ever-increasing quality of products and processes.


We forge partnerships with companies that share our vision, to make most of shared knowledge and to be able to anticipate the times of innovation and sustainability in the wine sector.