H2S Preventing Yeasts

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a well-known contaminant produced by yeasts during the fermentation that can be found in some concentration in every wine, beer or other yeast-fermented beverage. H2S is produced naturally as a direct byproduct of every yeast-based wine fermentation and will, even at minute concentrations below the sensory threshold of humans, affect the overall sensory quality and aroma of the wine. The H2S-preventing yeast strains that we dispose deliver the desired fermentation without this unnecessary byproduct.

Our partner

Renaissance is a leading company in the production of yeasts for oenological use. Our partnership with Renaissance started in 2013 when Dr Marco Lucchetta began cooperating with it in support counseling and strain development. Over the years our partnership with Renaissance has been consolidated and has grown giving life to a cross-collaboration between each other’s laboratories. Coccitech has become the master European distributor of Renaissance products, yet at the same time it has been dealing with organic production to the point of becoming a leading producer globally.

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