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Nutrition allows regulating fermentation in an optimal way, raising the aromatic profile of wines and increasing the shelf life of products.
A well-planned nutrition makes for grapes to express their natural characteristics while also helping yeast ferment in the best way.
Also, the natural advanced techniques for obtaining our nutrients make it possible to increase the components required in the different processes, i.e. the content in glutathione, fatty acids, minerals, etc


The Coccizym line is an enzyme line that allows meeting different oenological needs from clarification and flotation of musts to optimal maceration of grapes. This range of products makes it easier to extract the noble components from the solid parts of grapes and increases their aromatic and polyphenolic component.


Tannins are a natural component of wine: they belong to the polyphenol family and are natural antioxidants, as they help protect must from oxidation. Moreover, tannins allow protecting and keeping the anthocyanin component of wines, make their aromas and taste more complex and help their clarification.


Lactic bacteria help make wines more complex and allow performing fast and complete lactic fermentations. CC-Acid and CC-Complex are concentrated cultures of high quality lactic bacteria, derived from selected strains and produced in Italy. Our line of bacteria contributes to the formation of the wine’s aroma and characterises its softness.


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a well-known contaminant produced by yeasts during the fermentation that can be found in some concentration in every wine, beer or other yeast-fermented beverage.
H2S is produced naturally as a direct byproduct of every yeast-based wine fermentation and will, even at minute concentrations below the sensory threshold of humans, affect the overall sensory quality and aroma of the wine. The H2S-preventing yeast strains that we dispose deliver the desired fermentation without this unnecessary byproduct.


The enhancement of biodiversity has allowed us to develop a new yeast generation with high technological performances from characteristics aromatic profiles. Our strains of yeast have fermenting proprieties which offer to wine makers an excellent control in the alcoholic fermenting objectives. Our yeasts manifest a great kinetic of fermentation improving the aromatic profile and the taste expression in wine.

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