BIOPRESIDIUM ® Feeds, enables and strengthens the plant’s energy and its natural ability to protect itself.


Vegetable extracts in a water solution, Water solution containing brown Algae (Ascophyllum nodosum from cold extraction), Yeast extract, Other excipients

Feeds, enables and strengthens the plant’s energy elevating its natural ability to protect itself and to resist against adversities. Its high aminoacidic content and the presence of vegetable extracts gives to the plants thicker and greener leaves and stronger and more solid fruits.
Biopresidium is a 100% organic and totally biodegradable compound formulated to assist the plant during its entire growth cycle.

Greenhouse and open field vegetable crops
150-600ml/hl (1,5-6 l/ettaro) every 10-12 days.

Wine and table vine
From the 3rd week from budding until harvest: 150-600ml/h (1,5-6 l/hectare), every 10-12 days, alone or together with top cover fungicides.

Leafy and cutting vegetables
150-500ml/hl (1,5-5 l/hectare) every 10-12 days, during the entire growth cycle

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