Our History

Coccitech is an Italian company born in the heart of Veneto
that carries on a story of family ties and traditions handed down for generations.
Its founder, Dr Marco Lucchetta, after being awarded a degree
in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies with a specialisation in Viticulture and Oenology,
went on to achieve a Doctorate degree in partnership with AWRI,
an Australian wine research centre in Adelaide.

After twenty-five years of experience in the agricultural, wine and food sectors,
he created Coccitech SRL – “Powering your green future”.
Since 2013 our company has teamed with major international companies
such as Renaissance Yeast and important universities among which the University of Padua,
the University of Caxias Do Sul in Brazil and the University of California in Davis.

Today Coccitech partners with large international companies
among which Renaissance Yeast Inc. and Gusmer Enterprises Inc.

Our Company

Experiences grown over the years and our strong dynamism in team working have harmoniously blended technological skills and the creation of natural, innovative and high performance products. These years of growing business have earned us the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 22000 and Kosher certifications as well as the European and North American organic certifications.
Our company is the result of painstaking research applied in our laboratories where we combine the complexity and perfection of natural elements with new cutting-edge biotechnologies giving maximum sensorial quality to our products.
In 2016 we created Biopresidium®, an innovative 100% organic fertiliser, also biodegradable, which in the same year received the national prize for sustainable development.

Thanks to our know-how we have launched exclusive patented wine yeasts on the market that do not produce hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and are characterised by very low or no sulphur dioxide (SO2) production during fermentation.
The unique feature of these products is that, as those contaminants impairing the quality of wine due to their unmistakable and unpleasant smell are absent, the natural aromas of the wine are enhanced during the vinification process.
These extraordinary yeasts are currently marketed in Europe, South Africa, North and South America.


We have created Coccitech with the aim to make progress in scientific research and create entirely natural and 100% organic products, which allow protection and nutrition of plants without using any chemicals.
Our company operates in compliance with the criteria of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness to guarantee the quality of our products.

The direct relationship with our customer is the founding principle of our company; our goal is to create increasingly innovative products for companies, informing and supporting them with tailor-made solutions in a biological and eco-sustainable way
Passion and the need to enhance the taste and complexity of wines from an organoleptic viewpoint have led us here.

“Our products are designed to excite and offer rewarding gustatory and olfactory experiences in a harmonious combination of food and wine”.

2013 / 2015

From scientific technical research applied in our laboratories to a master distributor of Renaissance Yeast products.

2016 / 2017

Creation of Biopresidim®, marketed in Italy and Europe, collaboration with 100 companies, more than 30 enological products developed.

2018 / 2019

Global producers of organic yeast marketed in Europe and North America. Consolidation in the international market: Europe, United States, Brazil, South Africa. 60 products, more than 500 consolidated companies.


New markets in the food and beverage industry.

Our partners

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